Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mark Rankin Responds

Mark Rankin also had some great feedback and a different take on how to build the Team Sealed pool, which I have posted with permission below.

Ok, so here are the decks that I think I like in this pool. I might be batshit crazy for making this URbw deck, but I think the colorless/multicolor sources in the deck, along with the two dual lands, can work. Hopefully I didn't just leave out any insane cards, since I'm just working off a picture and my notepad -- it is awkward building decks without being able to move cards around on a table or screen.

Deck 1 - UW Flyers
Deck 2 - RG Aggro
Deck 3 - URbw Control

Deck 1 - UW Flyers -- I like this deck because it can get some cheap, reliable creatures out in the early turns, and the spells can take over the game from there.  Halimar Tidecaller is super nice in this deck, as there are 3 (or 4) Awaken spells in the deck, and it essentially increases the flyer count to 12+. I tried to fit Displacer in here, but the UR deck really wants all the colorless/multicolor mana sources, so I moved it over to that deck as essentially a free splash. It would be really nice in here with the Raptor and Tidecaller, as well as just being a solid 3-drop. Maybe it is correct to put it in here and just play a single Wastes for value. The last cut I made was Immolating Glare, since I think we just want to be playing spells and attacking every turn.
  • 1 Felidar Cub
  • 2 Ondu War Cleric
  • 2 Kor Sky Climber
  • 2 Shadow Glider
  • 1 Courier Griffin
  • 2 Steppe Glider
  • 1 Expedition Raptor
  • 1 Halimar Tidecaller
  • 1 Cloud Manta
  • 1 Cyclone Sire
  • 1 Jwar Isle Avenger
  • 1 Clutch of Currents
  • 1 Coastal Discovery
  • 1 Roiling Waters
  • 2 Isolation Zone
  • 1 Sheer Drop
  • 1 Shoulder to Shoulder
  • 1 Sandstone Bridge
Deck 2 - GR Aggro -- I don't love this deck, but I think it has potential with the amount of cheap creatures and ways to make them bigger. This deck has 5 two drops, and 6 three drops, three of which bring along a little 1/1 buddy to have some fun with. We get Nissa, Legac, Tajuru Warcaller, and Lead by Example to make these guys more of a threat, and a couple Boulder Salvo to combo off with all the cheap creatures. I am worried that this deck does not have enough of a late game if we draw a few too many lands, but I'm not sure exactly how to solve that. I chose to put all of the colorless sources in the URbw deck, so Stalking Drone and Immobilizer Eldrazi are a bit worse here, but again this is potentially solvable by tossing in a single Wastes for value.
  • 1 Stalking Drone
  • 1 Immobiizer Eldrazi
  • 1 Makindi Sliderunner
  • 2 Zada's Commando
  • 1 Netcaster Spider
  • 3 Scion Summoner
  • 1 Vile Redeemer
  • 1 Undergrowth Champion
  • 1 Goblin Freerunner
  • 1 Harvester Troll
  • 1 Saddleback Legac
  • 1 Tajuru Pathwarden
  • 1 Tajuru Warcaller
  • 1 Lead by Example
  • 1 Brute Strength
  • 1 Nissa, Voice of Zendikar
  • 2 Boulder Salvo
  • 1 Oath of Nissa
Deck 3 - URbw -- I really like this deck. It is built to withstand the early game and just take over with tons of powerful abilities in the late game. Blinding Drones, Crab, and Maw of Kozileks all offer creature based stalling, and Kozilek's Return, two Touch of the Void, and Reality Hemorrhage are great removal for their early game. The late game in this deck is very good, in my opinion, with Valakut Invoker, Tyrant of Valakut, Roiling Waters, Rolling Thunder, and the activated abilities of Fathom Feeder and Eldrazi Displacer. This deck gets all the colorless sources, since they all make all the colors as well and allow for the easy splash of Fathom Feeder and Eldrazi Displacer.
  • 2 Blinding Drone
  • 1 Cultivator Drone
  • 1 Ancient Crab
  • 1 Gravity Negator
  • 1 Valakut Invoker
  • 2 Maw of Kozilek
  • 1 Herald of Kozilek
  • 1 Stormchaser Mage
  • 1 Kozilek's Channeler
  • 1 Tyrant of Valakut
  • 1 Fathom Feeder
  • 1 Eldrazi Displacer
  • 1 Coastal Discovery
  • 1 Roiling Waters
  • 1 Ugin's Insight
  • 1 Reality Hemorrhage
  • 1 Kozilek's Return
  • 2 Touch of the Void
  • 1 Rolling Thunder
  • 1 Corrupted Crossroads
  • 2 Crumbling Vestige
  • 1 Unknown Shores
  • 1 Holdout Settlement
  • 1 Meandering River
  • 1 Cinder Barrens

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