Friday, February 5, 2016

OGW Draft, 11-4 Grand Prix Mexico City, draft deck #1

GP Mexico City 1st Draft Deck


2Ondu War Chief
1Makindi Aeronaut
1Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim
1Makindi Patrol
2Vampire Envoy
1Shadow Glider
1Relief Captain
2Steppe Glider
2Expedition Raptor
1Hero of Goma Fada
1Angel of Renewal


1Immolating Glare
1Mighty Leap
1Complete Disregard
1Shoulder to Shoulder


2Isolation Zone


1Stoneforge Masterwork



My draft deck was insane. In my sideboard, I also had Makindi Aeronaut, Ondu War Cleric, Searing Light, Mire's Malice, Iona's Blessing, Inspired Charge, Affa Protector, and Tandem Tactics. I'm pretty sure that I should have cut Hero of Goma Fada and added the Ondu War Cleric: the Hero just didn't really do much in this deck, as I was mostly winning games in the air. I'm also not sure if I should have been playing 17 vs. 18 lands -- I figured that the deck was pretty high powered, so I just wanted to make sure I hit my land drops, especially since I was running 4 or 5 5-drops.

My first pick was the Stoneforge Masterwork. It was predictably great, especially on the Vampire Envoys. There's a good chance that I should have been playing Affa Protector, to really maximize the power of the equipment. Throughout my games, I had to keep checking the creature types, since some of these creatures surprisingly share types (e.g., Shadow Glider and Ayli are both Kor).

Black was cut pretty early in the draft, but I had prioritized the Vampire Envoy pretty highly in the first pack. I ended up being passed Ayli in the second pack. It seemed like I was the only white drafter at the table, as I got the Isolation Zones and the Ondu War Clerics very late.

I'm still not sure whether Mighty Leap or Tandem Tactics is better in this deck. My thinking was that the +2/+2 was going to be more relevant in a deck with so many 1 and 2 powered creatures.

I would have liked another Shoulder to Shoulder, and maybe a Spawnbinder Mage or Zulaport Chainmage. Obviously, I would have killed for a Malakir Soothsayer -- this deck doesn't have any ways to draw cards, so there was a higher chance of me flooding out, especially with 18 lands.

The deck felt a bit vulnerable, in that, I felt like I was leaning heavily on the Steppe Gliders. Had my opponents been able to deal with those creatures, it would have been a lot more difficult for me to win. Uncontested, Steppe Glider just totally takes over a game, especially in combination with the Relief Captain.

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